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6 month rental

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    Most properties seem to be leased for 12 months but there can be ones for 6 months but as Tyke says they are rare. Someone might be breaking a lease which can be useful but that isn't always a guarantee that the landlord will re-lease for a shorter period as they may decide to start for a 12month one again. Just keep an eye out on and see what they have available. If you are in the UK it will be difficult to secure a place before you arrive. Although probably not best practice if you do rent a place for 12 months and need to leave after 6 months then you can break your lease but you are liable for payment of the rent until it is rented and also advertising costs and maintaining the home until it is leased again. People do it though. I've seen some properties take a while to lease again which means you are liable for the rent. One thing to be careful is not to rent a home that is overpriced because it will be difficult to lease if you break a lease. For example you may rent a house with a pool in summer and the price will seem reasonable given it has a pool and in a nice area but come 6 months it will be winter and no-one will be interested in the pool and the price will seem overpriced to them.

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    were looking for a 6 month rental, open to areas x


    Hi Bianca,

    What time of the year would you be looking for? Some months are much busier than others and we are heading into our peak period.

    Would you be looking for furnished or unfurnished?

    A furnished rental for 6 months would have to be booked a very long time in advance as it's doubtful that a furnished property owner would have an uninterrupted 6 month period that was clear of forward bookings.

    What type of area would you like to live in? Some of the less popular areas may be more flexible with a 6 month lease.

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