Great Schools in the South Western Suburbs

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    Hi Guys,


    Just needed some help on the best primary schools in the Hallett Cove to the CBD area. Our son has just turned four and we are currently looking to buy a house in the South Western suburbs.


    He currently goes to ELC at Annesley Collage on Greenhill Road but it is $90 a day in full time child care...BIG Bucks!!! When he turns five Primary fees will be $7950 per year. This making it a lot cheaper but once we buy a property would like him to go to a school near by. We are willing to base the buying of our new home around a good school. Needs to be south western area as we love the beach life but need to stay South due to my work being in Lonsdale.


    Thanks in advance,



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    A lot will depend on your budget and if the school you opt for is zoned. Not many primary schools are but there are some in high demand areas (does not automatically make them great school choices IMO) and so have a zone policy. There is the socio economic ranking (SES) with 7 being the highest iirc that you may want to factor in? They may call it something else now, ICSEA seems to be used in the first link below.


    Check out these sites perhaps?








    Also this site has the zoned schools listed for all areas.




    I know when we were looking at areas and schools I did a lot of reading and visiting of a fair number of schools in a number of suburbs. Where we bought we had a good choice of a number of primary schools and opted for the one we felt was best. We did not buy in a beach suburb so as much as I love the school we opted for, I won't really recommend it for you if you have a preference for a beach suburb or closer to the beach suburbs.


    If you are looking on the flat, I do think Paringa Park primary is a great school, it is zoned and they do apply it strictly due to demand for places. Its in Somerton Park/North Brighton area so perhaps not beachy enough for you. Not sure if all the primary school zone will fall into the new Brighton HS zone in 2015. If we had bought there that is the area we would have bought in to ensure we got that zone and that school.

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    Hi Snifter,


    Thanks for the links...very informative.


    Budget for a property will be around the $450,000 mark and I know that we will get more for our money further South.


    Budget on Schools: We obviously would love our son to go to the best public school in the area, but we are willing to pay the extra for a good private school if the zone policy is an issue. Anything that improves on $90 a day full time child care ($23000 a year) is a bonus as this is our current outlay for ELC fees :).





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