Whats the weather like?

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    Hi Everyone, for those in Adelaide could you tell me what the weather is like through the 4 seasons, I understand its a Meditteanean climate, but how cold/warm./dry/wet?the weather in the UK is diabolical & I'm sure its got to be much better than here but when I'm listening to Adelaide radio on the net the temperatures aren't far off what we getting now, any help would be most appreciated, thanks, Paul.

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    There are definitely 4 seasons - we love the sense of change.

    In the cooler months it means you can get jobs/projects done outside (like me harvesting the olive grove at the moment).


    Winter can be quite chilly during the nights ,in the main most days are quite good and sunny - you can even get tanned.


    Houses here are not well insulated so the cold does get to you - we have a log fire which was lit for the first time last night - very cosy.


    If you do have a rainy/cloudy start to the day it usually burns off around lunch.


    Spring and Autumn are lovely with high 20c's but still nights can be cooler.


    Summer temps can be ferocious and again you may have to stay in to avoid the heat!!!


    In all you can spend much more time outside.

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    Thanks friend for taking the time to give me that Information, sounds pretty damned good to me compared to the horrible weather in this country, all the best, Paul.

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