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Contributory parent visa

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    Guest Mark&Yvonne

    So the inlaws are again on their way back to England after another great visit, only this time looking to start the visa process themselves! So the question I'm putting out is once they've applied for the contributory parent visa wich comes with a possible 15 year waiting list, could they then come over on a visit & apply for a 10 year bridging visa and still be eligible for work???

    Answers needed please


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    The contributory parent visa waiting list is about 18-24 months - but costs $46k each approx


    The non contributory parent visa has the 15-25 year wait list - but costs $5k approx


    If you want to do non contributory best to do it onshore, then you will get a bridging visa to stay whilst its being processed. However, I am not sure if you can work whilst on this bridging visa?? Someone else should be able to help with this info.


    Also, the non contributory visas may only have a short window before they are removed again.





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