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    during my students visa, unintentionly i didn't include my employer details on my student visa applicaiton.


    Now if i want apply for new 190 sa visa, is it going be an issue & if so, how i inform this to diac about this before applying on 190. This was an honest mistake not include my own company details on student visa. Now, as for the skill assessment i have to include employer details as a proof of work experience; is it going to be a problem for my 190 visa application.


    One more thing, regarding sa 190, can i directly apply for this visa if i didn't live in sa before? I know there is two option 489 or 190. Instead of 489, i like to apply for 190. I haven't though found any requriements says that, to apply 190 south australia, the applicant must live for 2 years?


    Please assist on this two queries.




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