getting 887 visa from 475

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    Hi All,

    I will complete requirements of 887 visa on 31st oct 2014(in 2 weeks).

    I have gone through all documents checklist and have already started collecting and saving them in files.

    I would be very thankful if anyone of you have similar situations and can be of help in your suggestions and sharing your experiences.

    It says that I need to have PCC from all countries resided in 10 years.


    1.My query is do I need to attach the PCC done from my country when I migrated here.It was done in July 2012. Should I attach while applying or send only if they ask for later. I want to make sure I send all documents as to not delay the process for the want of more documents.


    2.since I arrived in Adelaide on 31st oct 2012 so which day can I apply 31st oct or 1st nov?


    3.In documents it says about form 1193,which is to communicate via email.Do we have to fill this form as well?


    4. The checklist also talks about English language proficiency,but haven't heard through anyone appearing for IELTS again


    5.I have applied for AFP clearance on 16th oct and got reply as positive on 17th oct,any idea how many days it takes to reach by post? Is another type of police check will be accepted if a person already has one (my wife has DCSI for her work purpose)?


    6.Since I still will have one year validity of my 475 visa after applying PR,will my visa status change after I apply for 887? I am planning to go to my country for holidays between mid march 2015-mid june 2015 and we will directly come to another city instead of Adelaide. I need to know if in these months I still not got PR ,will I have to come back to Adelaide? Also if I got PR when I am overseas,still will I have to come to Adelaide to get it granted?


    Has anyone got PR in about 4-4 and half months? We don't seem to be lucky to get PR in said time before going overseas as December and Jan holiday time.Has anyone got visa early, applied same time during last year?



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