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Guest hogman

Chemical/Process Engineer looking for Commissioning Work

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    Guest hogman

    Hi there,


    My name is Neil and i am a Chemical/Process Engineer.


    Myself and my partner recently migrated to Australia and we are living in a rental in Marino.


    Back in England, i worked as a Commissioning Engineer mainly in the Water Industry.


    I am not an Electrician, but because i work in Control Panels and with Field Instruments, a previous employer put me through the 17th Edition Electrical Installations Course, so that i was covered to be able to terminate signal wiring, spin test motors, etc.


    I have a degree in Chemical/Process Engineering which has been recognised by the Engineering Profession here in Adelaide, being given a first class recognition.


    I have a type 175 Skilled Migration visa, allowing me to work and live anywhere in Australia, without company or state sponsorship.


    In order for me to be able to work on-site and continue doing Commissioning activities, what cards, licences, etc, will i need?


    I have read the other posts about this sort of thing, but none appear to address my situation.


    Please could someone explain the current requirements.


    If i have to undertake any courses, should i do them independently, or wait until i get employment and do them through an understanding employer?


    Help please!

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