SA State Nomination work experience - does it have to be over 20 contracted hours?

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    Hey guys,


    Hoping someone has been in a similar situation ? For state nomination we need to have 12 months work experience in th email last three years at the hours a week or more. My contracted hours are 17.5 but I do do more than that. Absolutely gutted as we've come so far-ielts, skills assessment and now this comes up at the last hurdle! :(


    All they want is a reference from current employer but I don't want to put my manager under the stress of 'stretching the truth'!


    Anyone any experience or advice? Please!


    Thanks in advance!


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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    I think as long as you manager can say that you worked more the 20 hours with or without overtime and you can back that up with payslips it shouldn't really matter what your contracted hours are. We have a friend here on SA state sponsorship that only ever worked on a casual contract in the uk but did work more than the required hours.

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