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489 conditions, can we holiday within 2 year timeframe l

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    1. 489 Timetighttimeframe to validatde/can still have have holiday out of country in 2years?

    I have a quickquestion, which I hope you can help me with.



    We have a 489 visa and hope to follow the pathway to a 887 visa, which I know requires 2 yearsresidence in South Australia/one year working and I have read that evidence ofrental agreements, wage slips etc is used to verify that the applicant has metthe 2 year criteria.


    We received the visa in Dec 2012 and visited Adelaide soon after, however, with the economic downturn we went home and stayed in England in our jobs. We have till Dec 10th this year to validate and forfill the residence criteria, i.e., 2 years out of the 4..

    Can you tell me if I take a 2 week holiday outside Australia during the 2 yearcriteria remaining period of my visa if that would cause problems, andinvalidate the visa due to not having 2x 365 days in the counrty for 2 years.We would still have rentals, etc in AUS.


    We would like to have a holiday out of Aus in that time back to England due to parents being old.


    Tim and Laura


    Confused and looking for clarity on this issue, can anyone help?



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    Hi there, we are on a 489 Visa and went through a Migration Agent. As long as you work full-time for 12 months and live in S.A. for 2 years then your visa will be validated. It shouldn't make any difference where you take your holidays as you will still get holiday time off work in the same way as you do in the U.K.

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