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Seaview High School

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    Just considering this as a high school option for one of our children. Reading past reviews it seems that it was not well thought of as a school, but some post were quite old. We have looked at the website and looks promising, but wonder if that is just good marketing. I understand that they have recently secured additional funding for development but not sure if this will be in place in time to benefit our child, so more interested in how it is performing currently. Looking on My School, it looks comparative to other schools in the area such as the R12 at Hallett Cove.


    Just wondered if anyone had any more recent experiences with the school?


    Thanks in advance.

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    When we were considering areas when house hunting earlier this year, I asked around a few teachers and locals about schools in the area and their comments were not positive. I have never visted the school as we are not in need of a high school for a few more years, but we wanted to buy in an area with decent primary and high school options so did some digging for info. It has had issues in the past, not sure how it stands today and it may not be as on track compared to other schools. Its a much smaller school than HC and Brighton and you would think given its zone coverage, it would have more enrolments, but it does seem to have low numbers. If this means that parhaps when living in the zone, parents opt to send private or other state schools on a gifted and talented programme or some such or perhaps there are just less kids in the area, who knows. But it does have me wondering. I know one of my hubbys friends grew up in the zone area and they all went to a private school. We have friends in the zone for that school also and they plan to go private.


    Have you taken a school tour? Always worthwhile. What appeals to one won't to another and all that. If you really are not happy with the school in the zone then you have options if you are renting and you can be flexible on areas (within reason). You could consider a move to an area with a school that suits and meets your hopes and expectations and still fits in with your work/commute etc? Or perhaps look into the gifted and talented or Ignite programmes at other schools in nearby zones or suburbs?


    Have you checked this site out?


    Might be of use.

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    Hi, we are also looking at this school for our 13 yr old. Would be interested to read any more recent reviews on the school

    and be interested in speaking with anyone who has children there already.


    Visa granted 07/10/2014

    Flights booked for 14/03/2015

    Carly - Quality Assurance / Childcare trainer & Assessor

    Chris - Firefighter

    Abbie - 13 yrs old

    Kian - 10 yrs old

    Jaimie - 8 yrs old

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    My son went there when we arrived in 2011, we had friends here who had a rental property that we rented and Seaview was the catchment school.


    my priority with my son was for him to settle as at 16 it was a hard age to emigrate and I can't fault the school for helping him settle.

    we had a few problems with maths after Marcus had been there for a few months, and within 24 hours we had a meeting with the head of year,the school counsellor and his maths teacher and a solution was achieved.


    marcus was heavily into dance and drama and even though at the time we didn't realise Seaview excels at these subjects and he was a very happy student and threw himself into all dance and drama productions and made some great friends.


    okay it isn't the best academic school, but I don't think Marcus would have come out with a better result if he had gone to somewhere that was, I do believe that part of the onus lays with the child and even in the UK Marcus hated the academic subjects.


    arrange for a tour of the school - we did and liked the feel of the school and the staff and pupils we met.


    Hope this helps



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