Amit Malhotra

Which suburb to choose - near to call centre work and good schools

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    Looking to work in call centre and should be close to primary school. Please advice which area in Adelaide to move to as coming in June 2015

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    Location for renting - please advice

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    I really don't know work wise, sorry.


    I'd say find a job first, then decide on a suburb that suits after that. You could end up working north and living down south would mean a lot of travelling or vicce versa. Wherever you start of in temp accommodation or even your first long term rental, I'd be prepared to move within the year to somewhere better suited. The first place you live doesn't have to be where you stay. We moved our son to a new school after 7 months here and he's settled brilliantly and loves it. New area of course and suits what we want/need better.

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