Christmas Pageant Time again

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    It's suddenly come around but it's Christmas Pageant time again - I was amazed when my daughter mentioned it earlier this week.


    We're not going this year (due to the afore-mentioned surprise, we're all booked up already) but if it's your first year here (or you're here on holiday) it's definitely worth the trip into the CBD this Saturday morning.


    Merry Christmas everyone...

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    Thanks, flossybeth!


    i was just thinking I hadn't seen any mention of that icon, the Christmas Pageant, and here it is :)


    So, I echo your thoughts; if you're new to Adelaide and (especially) if you have kids AND you feel like getting up there early...go!


    Then go home and put up the Christmas decs, cos everyone knows the Pageant brings in Christmas.


    Happy Christmas everyone!



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