Family friendly resorts - Bali, Thailand, somewhere else

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    So, I'm hoping to meet up with my sister and her family next Easter. We're thinking maybe meeting in Thailand or Bali (or somewhere else someone can suggest). They will be travelling from the UK and us from Adelaide and once we're together they'll be 6 kids aged ranged between 1 and 7. Can anyone suggest any family friendly resorts etc where we could hang out, catch up, the kids can go swim, play, have fun.



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    Guest Watkinsfamily

    We are heading to Bali in January 3 adults and 2 children aged 21 months and 4 years. We are staying at Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites which has been recommended as family friendly and good location. I can update once we are back but price was good so hope it lives up to it's recommendations.

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