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Special needs teacher - what schools near port noarlunga cat for special needs?

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    Guest thenicholls



    i am a special needs teacher specialising in autism, moderate and severe learning difficulties.

    i am looking to rent in port noarlunga and I am happy to commute to the right job

    i am looking for advice of schools within 45 minutes of port noarlunga which educate children with special educational needs or a mainstream school which has an Sen unit attached.


    Also does anyone know of their reputations too?


    Very exciting prospect, thank you in advance for any help



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    I'm not normally into the whole spelling and grammar police thing, but you have come on here asking if anyone knows of jobs. It would be sensible to make sure your post is as correct as possible. It is representing you, and for a teacher that is a pretty important thing.

    You never know, your future employer could be reading this thread.


    Good luck.

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    It would appear you are at the start of your journey, so lots of time for research!


    I'm no expert, but I do know that many mainstream school employ a Special Needs Coordinator, even if they don't have a dedicated Unit.


    Whilst I was looking for the DECD job link, I found this:



    It makes quite grim reading, but 'forewarned being forearmed' and all that, it might be worth a look. If you are only at the point of applying for a visa it might give you some further info, or you might decide to use your wider teaching skills to justify your application?


    On a more cheerful note, when looking for Ashford Special School this popped up :





    :cool: LC

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