Where are the Cert 3 trade courses in Adelaide?

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    My friend (from Asia) is keen on taking up a Cert 3 course in Adelaide, so as to have specialist knowledge as he realised he can't do much with a major in English.


    He's a hands-on dude and enjoys tinkering around with vehicles and stuff, and farming. But he understands that with soaring inflation, his family tradition of growing vegetables is not going to work out for him either.


    So, I'm recommending him to study subjects related to one of these - automotive repair, plumbing, electrical repairs.


    But TAFE SA's offerings for international students are limited, and the only hit I could come up with is Sheffield College:¤tContent=393311167


    The odd thing is, besides an old online newspaper mention to this college and its Facebook page, there's no other signs of its existence. No students discussing its courses, no registration with any association.

    Is this for real?


    Any other suggestions?

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    @cliffy, thanks for the link! This is a load off the mind.

    I myself am outside of Australia at the moment, and can only do desktop research or overseas calls for now.

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