Dog & Cat transportation costs

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    Hi Everyone, could anyone tell me an approximate cost for me to transport our medium size dog & cat from the UK to Adelaide, if you could include the cost of quarintine and all vet fees as well, thanks for your help, Paul.

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    Guest lensgirl

    I have had a quote from Petair for my Patterdale terrier (a bit like a large Jack russell) and they cant fly into Adelaide but Melbourne. For their gold service you get


    home visits for the pre-travel vet tests and paperwork wheras with the silver you do all this yourself.

    Airline ticket


    quarantine for 30 days

    container and bedding

    Application for DEFRA cert

    Application for import license

    tick and tapeworm treatments


    the silver doesnt include the tests, certs and licence £946.06 and gold £1726.07

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    thanks for that info lensgirl, strangley enough we have a patterdaledale terrier too, I'd budgeted for about 2K for him so thats not a bad price, Paul.

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    Guest lippy



    We have just imported our Australian Shepherd. She went to Sydney due to the fact you don't have to book months in advance.


    We started the process almost a year ago with her. You have to ensure that they don't have the Lepto jag at the annual boosters - think they have to test clear for this before they can be imported into Australia - either way don't get it done!


    The costs have a bad habit of increasing. Her flights and cage were approx £2200, blood tests (within 4 wks of travelling) - £180, Quarantine costs in Oz - $820, frontline treatment prior to travelling (treated every month for 3 months prior to blood tests & then day of blood tests, 2 wks later and morning of travel) - £100


    It's not compulsory to do so many frontline treatments prior to blood tests but apparently it reduces the risk of failing blood tests - having this done again would be more expensive than the frontline treatment! - worked for us anyway as only one lot of tests were needed.


    They are in quarantine for 30 nights - apparently you can pay to have them excercised also. We haven't had any problems with Eastern Creek - they keep in contact with you and you are given your pets keepers number in case you have any questions.


    We are using a company - International Pet Carriers (think that's their name?!) to fly her back to Adelaide - cost -£120 - cheaper than going ourselves!


    Any questions please feel free to PM me.

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