Lazy Cow

Minion Onesie "It's so fluffy!" For Sale

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    Ok, I know it's possibly not the best season to sell a beautifully soft, never been worn, onesie, but I bought it last Christmas * and remembered it this one.


    I'm hoping for $20 as I paid $40 for it, and it is great quality.


    It's sized as an M, and a similar one fitted my 5'5" size 10 daughter.


    Pick up from southern suburbs, although I might be persuaded to deliver or even post it.






    * They were supposed to send a monster :(

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    We need pictures - I think you should model it!!




    No....I'm too tall....:cute:


    It's a good idea though, thank you.


    Now, if only I could find someone with acting prowess and a good sense of humour. Any suggestions Tyke?


    :biglaugh: LC

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