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    Hi all


    After casually looking for a bit of work I have come to the conclusion that you have to be trained to do more or less anything in Australia (with the exception of a few things of course.. :) So... Im thinking of doing a course in the new year to gain me a qualification and help me get a little job. Has anybody done any training with TAFE and what were their experiences like?

    I am probably going to do something along the lines of health administration but am open to suggestions if somebody has particularly enjoyed a course...


    Thanks in advance :smile:

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    TAFE is a very good choice. They have an emphasis on practical skills and are well regarded by employers. You can see this at work if you look at how Flinders University and TAFE and working together for graduates to be prepared for work rather than knowing a discipline.


    You are quite correct in believing you have to be qualified in Australia. Our Vocational Education System has got just about everything covered and frankly you won't find a good job without a relevant qualification (in VET it's usually at TAFE although private providers offer qualifications which are just as valid thanks to your regulatory system).


    Have a look here -


    I have a lot of experience in the vocational education sector so I can speak with some authority. Anyway TAFE is definitely worthwhile.

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