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    Hi all,


    I wonder if anyone knows about issuing an emergency passport? My 88 year old gran was supposed to arrive with my parents today but it seems her passport got lost en-route to the airport somehow and she didn't make the flight :-(


    It seems that because she can't produce her passport for a renewal they won't issue one for 5-7 days. Emirates have offered to free her up a flight if we can resolve her passport issue but we're not having much luck!


    Has anyone come across this before? My poor Grans devastated as we lost her husband of 65 years only a few months ago and she was coming here so she didn't have to wake up on Christmas morning by herself :-(


    Any advise greatly appreciated





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    Your poor gran! Where does she live in the UK? I think the only option is to go in person to one of the passport offices. Looks like they can't do it for a first passport but should be ok for a lost/stolen one. Will someone be able to take her if there are appointments available?



    The only other option is to find the lost one - has someone retraced her steps? Was it handed in anywhere? Have you contacted police/airport to see if they have it handed in? Where did she last see it? Did she definitely take it with her?


    Good luck, hope things turn out ok for her and you.

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