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Christmas Spirit

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    Come on everyone where is your Christmas Spirit, I've logged on today to over 30 reported posts, attacks on moderators, personal abuse towards fellow members, etc.

    Firstly, do you not all realise this is just a forum in the virtual world. If you don't like what someone says, place them on ignore (if you don't know how to do this ask myself or the mods), skip over their posts, or if it's upsetting you so much them log off.

    We can't and won't ban a member just because you don't agree with them. We will however issue infractions to people who continually breach the forum rules. We don't allow people to be labelled a troll just because that's your opinion.

    Its funny as today we were told that we should have one rule for everyone then in the next breathe we get the comment "I have been on this forum ex amount of years, surely my word goes" well I'm sorry but whether you have been on this forum one minute or a thousand years makes no difference to how this forum is modded. Just remember at the end of the day this is Robs forum and we are all guests here. I'm sure he wouldn't walk in to your house or your place of work and start making demands of you.


    I will be honest with you, out of all the forums we have and with over 100,000 members between them this is the smallest and the hardest forum to run. I think the mods do an excellent job especially as they are subjected to backstabbing, nasty and abusive pms and the grief on the open forum. Why should any volunteer have to put up with that? Some of you ought to be ashamed of yourself. These are ordinary members who are trying to help keep the forum a friendly place to be. Ex moderators especially should be more understanding of what life as a mod is really like. It's funny as out of the mods we have 3 of them work on the larger forum and not once have I ever heard a bad word said about them, in fact they are known for being fair and never taking sides.


    If there is any more breaches of the rules more infractions will be issued that's whether you have been here 1 day or 50 years.


    Now I am going to end now as I've got to comfort a friend who was fighting cancer the same time as me. After fighting stage 4 breast cancer and beating it they have just found out her husband has cancer of the oesophagus like me and the worst part of this is that their ten year old son has just tried to hang himself because he is so upset. So come on, let's put things in to perspective is fighting on the forum really needed.


    If you need to discuss this please feel free to pm me although I may not reply immediately as we are currently waiting to hear if Rob has a brain tumor, and I have another 5 operations to have and my own kids to support through this, so as I've said above there are more important things in life than the forum.


    Have a happy New Year all


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