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    Just to let people know the Fishing forum has had a bit of a change and is now covering all sport and recreation :smile:


    So threads for sporting clubs, events, finding like minded people for training or clubs etc, all goes here now.




    *Update Jan 2 2016* The rules for this section of the forum have been amended and clubs or teams may now list the following


    * Sports and Recreation - Sports clubs or teams (ie soccer/cricket/rugby seeking new members/players), may list their website or contact number/email of the person organising or in charge (ie team coach/manager or club committee member). Please do not post Facebook or other social media links.


    Please ensure the advert listed here has full information including the club/team location, level sought/played at/any age restrictions/club info etc.


    Members wishing to arrange other sporting activities can still use the PM system to make contact with other members directly. The new rule amendment is for clubs/teams placing an advert only.



    Thanks in advance



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    Added new rules

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