George Foreman Grill & Tefal Steamer - give away

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    I was clearing out a kitchen cupboard yesterday and came across our George Foreman Grill (a small size one) and our Tefal 3 tier steamer - I haven't used them in the 2 and a bit years we've been here so if anyone would like them you'd be welcome to them. They still have English plugs on which is why I'm giving them away - we can't change the plugs and then sell them and they'd be fairly useless to anyone other than recently(ish) arrived who might still be using adapters. If you take them and change the plugs that's entirely up to you.


    Both still work and are in fine condition for items that are 10ish years old (I bought them when we moved into our last house in the UK and had to wait 4 weeks for the cooker I wanted to be delivered). The steamer mostly got used for steaming mushrooms! Still got all the accessories for both items (like the scraper brush and asparagus handle).

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