887 visa quiery

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    Hi Guys,


    I am new to group....Currently on 475 visa and planning to apply 887 in March 2015

    Need your help on some of my quires.

    475 Grant Date: Nov 2012

    Initial entry date: March 2013

    I have completed 1 year full time work and will be completing 2 years stay in March 2015


    Query: I have traveled overseas multiple times and stayed for 3 months out of Australia, will this have impact on my 2 years stay condition. Do i need to wait 3 months extra i.e march 2015 + 3 months =June 2015 to apply for 887.


    Please help with my query.



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    Hi suman

    I'm exactly having same query. When did you lodge your application did the overseas stay counts or not? Please share your story.

    Thanks in advance :)

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