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Indoor cricket - female

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    Are there any girls/ladies interested in wanting to try indoor cricket?


    I am the state coach for the U18 girls team for last year, and this year and we are always on the look out for talent within cricket, or indoor cricket, to play for their state. It will involve numerous training sessions from Feb to July and a week away in Brisbane. The down side is that it is self funded (but you can get local government grants - and we are applying to a number of large businesses to sponsor) but the rewards of such a fun, friendly, competitive and out-way the costs with friendships formed between many of the girls from other states that last years.

    BUT, there is a come and try evening planned for the 13th February at the Stepney Indoor Cricket Arena (ICA) where you will have the chance to meet the state coaches, state players and some of the Australian team and get to spend time with all in a skills and game training session to see if this is something you would like to become involved with.


    Its a great way to get to meet other individuals both as a player and for mums and dads, we have met so many wonderful people through indoor cricket and our daughter now has friends from all the states. If state levels is not your thing, then still come along and try as there is a weekly competition held within Adelaide throughout the winter months, again enabling you to meet new people and increase your networking opportunities.


    Feel free to get in touch to ask any questions if this is of any interest to you or your daughters. if you know of any boys this might be of interest to, please contact me and i can pass on your details to the right person

    come and try.pdf

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