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    I was wondering if any electricians can clarify something for me?? I have an issue with our rental agent re an electrical trip we couldn't rectify so we called there call out number.


    Anyhow is it mandatory to have a CLIPSAL 'residual current devices (safety switch) fault finding guide' information sticker on the switchboard to help trouble shoot? We didn't have one and when the electrician did the call out he said there should have been one present. However the agent says she has never seen one before!! My argument is that if it had been present we wouldn't have needed to call them out and plus you can't start messing with electrics.


    The agent is passing the cost on to us which I am in disagreement with.


    It sometimes feels that people just want to get money out of you for anything!!!


    Thanks in advance and sorry if I sound like a whinge!


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    If you have any queries with your rental costs, check your agreement first and then contact the Residential Tenancies Dept. They have given me advice on many rental queries over the years, both as tenant and landlord.

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