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Does Anyone Work in Healthcare; Animal or Human?

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    The bushfires have left a large amount of animals that need help.


    If anyone works somewhere they might be able to get burns meds, blue (or otherwise) bandages, burns sheeting, silver solution, syringes...pretty much anything (they've been given tracheotomy equipment recently and they even managed to use bits of that lol) that would be very, very much appreciated.


    Out-of-date stuff is brilliant, and gratefully received.


    I can pick up or you can drop off, tell me where to go (:unsure:) if it's direct from the surgery...


    Thank you,


    :wubclub: LC

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    I will ask my boss.


    :notworthy: Thank you so much for asking :wubclub:How did you go?


    My oh works in a hospital that donates out of date stuff to Africa. He was given some things, which was fab, but because they have that very worthwhile policy in place, I doubt he'll get much more.


    Unfortunately, the need for medical stuff will continue for a long time so we're going to keep trying.


    Whatever the outcome, thank you so much for trying.


    :smile: LC

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