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    We emigrate to Adelaide next month, spending 10 days in Asia en route. I'm currently trying to work out what travel insurance to buy. I'm told (& a few policies have indicated such) you cannot buy a standard travel insurance policy as one of the stipulations is that you have a return ticket. I have checked a couple of sites but the prices seem a bit high?


    Second question is that they offer an extension to the policy for when we arrive - is this required? We are on a 189 visa so healthcare isnt a massive issue (2 young healthy adults-touchwood) but we will be renting a friends house so may need cover for our contents, money etc.


    For reference the travel part of the policy is £90 & the extension is £128.


    Looking for some advice or tips as insurance is one of those things that I never want to pay more than the bare minimum but dont want to have no/wrong cover either! :arghh:

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    We've long used STA for travel insurance. They do (well they did when we came over) one way travel insurance. It lasted for 48 or 72 hours after we landed in Aus. Wasn't expensive at all, about £70 for the 3 of us. It may have been a bit more if we had stopped off for a holiday on the way but it still woudn't have broken the bank I don't think. One thing was we had to sort it in one of their shops, not online but that wasn't a biggie for us as there was one near hubbys work.

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