Maintenance Electrician jobs in Adelaide

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    Hi everyone, Ive seen it on GMTV about how Adelaide is crying out for tradesmen but could someone out there tell me if i stand any chance of getting a decent Maintenance Job like I have now in the Food Industry? is there a lot of Industry/Factories? & are they spread out or is there one industrial area? are there lots of jobs advertised or are they few & far between? also whats the attitude to us Brit workers? thanks for looking, Paul.

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    My advise would be to speak to an agency, its points tested & depending on your skill (job) will ultimately determine whether you are able to migrate, along with the no of points that you have.


    There are jobs here, I have struggled but my husband has been fine, he had 2 interviews & got them both. They are around to be had, but for me part time/child friendly hours is not so easy, but we manage.


    Good luck


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