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    Hi all

    are there any skiers out there?

    my wife and I are very keen skiers and take many a trip to France from the uk.

    i know it's not the season in aus at the moment,but as anyone done a road trip to the snow from adelaide

    or are there package trips with flights?

    i went to perisher and thredbo a few years back and also been over to nz.

    we arrive in Adelaide in May so hoping to do a trip.

    Just looking for a bit of advice really about best resorts and time spent traveling and so on


    steve n Lesley

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    I know quite a few people who head to Queenstown for the snow season a couple of weeks a year, but it does involve expensive flights and car hire. I have seen packages advertised.

    My daughter went to the Vic ski-fields once, but she drove there with friends and it took them so long each they never did repeat the trip. I think there are organised coach trips from Adelaide, but have not seen flights advertised.

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    We are planning a road trip over to Mount Baw Baw in July. According to Google maps the drive time is around 10 hours so the plan is to stop off for one or two nights on the way over and again on the way back. We don't ski though so our main reason for going is to just see the snow and have a road trip to Victoria. If you google snow fields Victoria, or even Mount Baw Baw, there is lots of information about the different resorts and information on how to get there etc.

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