Is it worth getting teacher reg. even if I won't be teaching for a few years ?

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    Hoping some fellow teachers in SA could give some advice. I have PR based on my partners trade, I am a primary teacher and would like to teach once we get to adelaide. However, this probably won't happen until my children are all at school in a few years.Having researched what I need to do to get my teacher rego ,using Adelaide_bound's blog (made it so much easier to understand!) -getting qualifications assessed, getting first aid & abuse and neglect training, up to date uk police check etc, I'm wondering, even though I won't teach for a few years, is it worth me sorting out my teaching reg once I arrive so that all the major paper work is done while everything is fresh in my mind? If I do this, would I need to reapply every year for teacher reg? And if I do need to reapply every year or whatever it is, would I need to go through the whole paperwork fiasco (qualifications assessed, justice of peace witnessing training certificates etc) that you have to do the first time round or is it a case of once it's on the system, you just pay a fee each year to teach? I'd rather get all the paper work out of the way now or when I first get there and then When I'm ready to start teaching again in a few years il be good to go rather than having to go through sorting out all the uk police check etc.

    Hope this makes sense!

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    Guest Husky

    No its not because you have a probationary period...used to be 5 years...think it is 2 years now to get something like 200+ days of you need to do first aid training etc that only lasts 3 years. The subs were about 300 dollars for 2 years reg..but that was a while ago. Why go through the time and can do,it in a few years time.

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