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Wanting down under

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    Guest Chrisjswift7

    Hi all,


    Its about midday hear in UK and I believe Adelaide is 10 : 30 hours ahead of use..... My auntie has lived in Adelaide for 40+ years where I have two cuzons who live their too. My dad is currently out their visiting them, they live in the Hackham area not far from Port Noarlunga and Christies Beach, ive seen loads of pictures and read loads of stuff on hear and from my family who live their.

    I feel that I need to move out their, I feel that Adelaide is my home where I belong even thought ive never visited yet.


    I am 28 this June and my partner has just turned 27, we have a 3year old boy and we are expecting our 2nd child in August this year. We have paid 5 years off on our 35 year mortgage and im hoping to save shed loads of money over the next few years for potentially a move to Adelaide.


    I currently work in the ICT industry having built my 1st computer at the age of 8 and working for a family friends business until I left school, when I completed a college course (apprentishio) I have been working for my current employer for 10 years where im employed as a Senior ICT Technician at a secondary school where I also provide ICT support for 10 local primary schools too. I restructured our schools website to save money however im not a website developer.


    My partner works in a hospital as a hostess (providing tea, coffee and food ) to patients. She is also a fully qualified hair dresser and has also been a sales assistant.


    Are their jobs within Adelaide for us?


    Also, how much money will the move cost us? IE visas? and anything else?


    I really want a better live for my family, port Noarlunga and christies beach sounds perfect for us as reading its a 20 minute walk from housing estates to the beach / shops/ doctors/ dentist... all other stuff.... Currently I only dive and we only have one car, sometimes I cycle to and from work round trip of 30 miles about 44km.... our doctors is a 15 minute bus ride away from where we currently live and my partners work is about a 20 minute bus ride.



    Your help will be much appreciated.

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    Guest Chrisjswift7

    Hi C&T


    Quick response.... sorry should have said, ive checked that... and I am on the list.:


    [TABLE=class: table-100]


    [TD]Computer Network and Systems Engineer[/TD]








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    Now Google that number and see if you have the minimum qualifications and experience required. That will only tell you if you have enough for temporary employer sponsorship, not a skills assessment, but if you don't have what's written there you have no chance.

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