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Everyone already knew this!

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    All British accents???? :biggrin:




    [h=1]WHICH COUNTRY HAS THE SEXIEST ACCENT?[/h]Jo PiazzaFebruary 11, 2015, 9:31 am Share



    british_guy_land_1adl2qd-1adl2qs.jpg?x=656&sig=t8gtzUCsWFtgALNXUttT1Q--Does this accent make you swoon? Photo: ThinkstockBlame it on Hugh Grant and all of those romantic comedies. According to a new dating survey from Time Out, 27 per cent of 11,000 participants believe that British accents are the sexiest in the world.

    Even though the accent tells us absolutely nothing for how viable someone will be as a potential partner, it doesn’t stop us from feeling an instant attraction to another human. Who cares if they will pick up the check? They say things like, “I’m just going to nip off to the loo now.”

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    I'm guessing they mean what most people would call a "posh" accent. Couldn't imagine anything regional making the grade: Sarf Lundun, Jordeeee like, Yarkshyrr, Broomiee or pretty much anything not the Queens English would not qualify.

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