Single Guy to rent a room from April

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    Hi all, if anyone can help...i will be moving to Adelaide in March , how much would it cost to rent a room or one bedroomed cottage/house (and how can i find one!)

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    Hello and welcome.


    Hubby used to have a small house in the CBD, one bedroom, kitchen/diner/family room and a living room. Plus a room at the back heading out into the back yard he used as a lounge room space or for drying stuff in winter and keeping his bike etc.


    A lot will depend on where you are working as to where you decide to find a place. Around Glenelg there are lots of small apartments or rooms to rent in them but they are not cheap in comparision to other areas. Also house shares are advertised and I know some who do this. And of course, in and around the city on the flat part there will be options for house sharing, apartments and so on. Again, the area will dictate the price. It will vary. You need to look at realestate.com.au and search rentals to your specification. Also check out accommodation listings on Gumtree, the paper and other sources. Of course, the old rule of don't part with any money etc till you are sure its all genuine applies.


    You can also find house shares in the outer lying suburbs but for work this may not be ideal depending on where you are working.


    If you are single and wanting a bit more city living I'd focus on in and around the CBD and work out from there. You could get away without a car then too. Hubby just used to cycle, walk or tram/bus it around the city. He lived a couple of blocks from the Central market and Victoria Square so was easy to get to the bars, cafes and the city itself from there. The free loop bus was handy and if we wanted to head to Glenelg and the beach it was half an hour on the tram or thereabouts. Also now there is a great cycle path all the way from the city to Glenelg so can even do that, much of it runs alongside the tram line :)

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    Guest Guest75

    Perhaps try Airbnb, normally short term but plenty of single rooms.

    A lot of owners advertise on this site to "try out" potential long term "lodgers"


    Have a look here.....https://www.airbnb.com.au/?af=1922719&c=A_TC%3D8jce9sqjwt%26G_MT%3De%26G_CR%3D32239635551%26G_N%3Dg%26G_K%3Dairbnb%26G_P%3D&gclid=CMK4-rSI4MMCFUoIvAodNSYA5Q

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