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Welcome to Poms In Adelaide - New members welcome information

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    Hello and welcome to PIA. A few things to get you going :smile:




    * We have some forum rules that can be read here - (Updated June 2015)


    * Forum moderators are @Blossom @Rachiegarlo @flossybeth @NicF @Rammygirl . They should be your first port of call in resolving any forum issues. They all deal with reported posts and PM's and also spam accounts and other internet delights. They also can help with your questions on posting, signatures, avatars, how to upload images and more. So please drop one or all of us a PM if you need some help. We'll get back to you as soon as possible :smile:


    * Admin are @snifter, @Ktee and @Cerberus1 . Please contact @snifter in the first instance for forum matters.


    * If you wish to have an avatar image or a signature, you can edit these in Settings. This can be found in the top right corner of your PIA webpage, next to the Log Out link.




    If you click on Settings you get taken to a new page with a long side menu of options for editing your avatar, profile, signature. Plus many other menu options you can manage from there. It should be pretty straightforward but if you get stuck feel free to give one of the mods a shout for a bit of help.


    * Private message ability does not go live till you've made a small number of posts and a set period of time has elapsed. It isn't overly long and all being well within a day or two you should be able to send and receive PM's.






    Once you've signed up your account and have activated it, had a peek round and sorted out whats what, you may wish to start posting on the forum. Don't worry if you've had an account for a minute or a year, we are always happy to welcome new members. A good place to start posting is here in the Welcome forum, with either a new thread telling us a little about yourself, your planned migration or if you are already here in SA and how its going. If you don't want to start a new thread feel free to reply in this one and say hello. You may wish to skip posting in Welcome and jump straight into posting elsewhere on the forum, in which case, we look forward to seeing you elsewhere out there :cute:



    Not sure how to post a new thread? Here is the browser guide of starting a new thread


    * Click on the Welcome forum link from either the main page or the top of this one where its on the bottom right of the three rows of menu links running across the page. Or go to the main page of the forum and choose any forum that you wish to post in from there. Once you've clicked on the forum you wish to post in, you'll go to the forum page as below and follow the steps after this in the same way.














    * You will get taken to a new page. At the top of this in a green box you'll see +Post New Thread. Click on this and a new page will load. This is your new thread page.




    * Give your thread a title in the Title box. Then go to the box below, the text box, where you type your message.




    Once you've written your message, scroll down the page slightly and you'll see below the message box on the right two grey text boxes saying 'Submit New Message' and 'Preview Post'. Opt to submit your post or preview it before posting then submit it.



    Want to reply to this thread (or others on the forum)?

    * Same principal as posting a new thread only when you are reading someone elses thread or replies to your own thread, instead of that little green box saying 'Post New Thread' it will instead say '+Reply To Thread' . Click on that, write your post (you can preview it before posting if you like) then submit.







    * We have a wide number of topics and sections on the forum. Please try to post a new thread in the most relavant section of the forum. If mods feel a thread is better suited elsewhere they will move it. We may not always notify you of this or leave a redirect on the thread. If you cannot find a new thread you began recently it is worth checking your posting history via the My Profile option in the top right of your PIA page. Next to Settings :) You'll get taken to your profile page and can view your post and threads started history from the menu down the left hand side of the page.





    Thank you.

    Edited by snifter

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