Knock, knock..............

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    We had a run in with a brown snake a few weeks back when out walking the dog. We were ambling along the path, it came zooming out of nowhere a couple of metres ahead of us, heading down the hill at speed. I don't think it knew we were there till it popped out in front of us and we certainly didn't see it coming. Could never have outrun the thing. Thankfully for us and our dog it was in a hurry to head on down the hill so soon was out of sight and we carried along across the hillside :)


    Stunning to see. I can say that now :cute:

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    Was yours as big as that one Snifter?


    Heh, thankfully no. Was well over a metre though. Probably closer to a metre and a half. Was amazed at how quickly they can cover the ground.

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