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Advertising rules in For Sale/Wanted forum

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For Sale/Wanted forum rules



1. You may include a phone number or email in your post/advert.

Disclaimer - Should you choose to list a phone number or email in your post please be aware that this will then be in the public domain. We suggest for your safety you use the forum PM system, however, should you choose to list a phone number or email we cannot be held liable for any unsolicited calls or spam you may receive.

Everyone can still be contacted via the thread itself or the forum PM system. You can set up email notifications for when you are sent a PM or someone replies to your thread so can always know when there is an interested party.

2. We reserve the right to refuse or remove an advert if we feel it is not a private advert or if it breaks other forum rules.

3. We ask that members state the following in their advert

 * Description

* Price

* Suburb

* If its LOOP'ed (Listed on other places/sites) elsewhere. Please do not include links to these other sites/listings.

* Please post back to inform if an item is sold or you have found what you were wanting.

 Please do not be offended if a mod posts in your thread asking you to list this information.

4. We suggest you include a picture or two of the items you are wanting to sell.

5. If you have a lots of items to sell please include them all in one thread where possible rather than starting la number of new threads to list them all individually. This helps ensure that other recent threads are not pushed off the first page. Please feel free to include images of the items for sale.

6. Please don't keep starting new threads when re-listing items you've recently advertised (ie sold 3 items from 15 and so start a new thread to list the 12 left) or you want to add a few more things to the list. Just add a new post to your current active thread with the new listing or list what has sold.

7. Please be aware we have a policy of not allowing live animals to be advertised on the forum. This includes litters of puppies or kittens from private or business sellers. Animals may only be advertised by members who are needing to rehome their family pet due to them relocating back to the UK or other such extenuating circumstances (please contact a mod if unsure if your advert meets these requirements). We advise anyone needing to rehome a family pet to throughly check potential owners and also to contact animal rescue shelters that have a no PTS policy in the first instance to see if they are able to help.

8. Advertising by proxy is allowed in the For Sale/Wanted section of the forum. All other rules above will apply.



Please note the listing of phone numbers or email applies ONLY to the For Sale/Wanted section and they should not be posted elsewhere on the forum unless that forum area specifies it is ok to do so or admin have approved. Thanks.






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