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    Hi again Densrene, first of all have you checked that you or your parent qualifies for the visa? If you do I suppose you are going to be trying to get in to the country first before applying? Now it's around 4 years since we looked at it for my mum so things may have changed but the hardest thing is getting in to the country without customs clicking that they are here to stay for good. So as far as customs are concerned you apply for a visa as if they are coming out on holiday, if asked at the airport, they are coming for a holiday. Once they have past that and as long as there isn't a "no further stay" attached to your visa you can then apply for the 804 as soon as you want as long as its before the tourist visa runs out. You will then get a bridging visa until a decision is made, please note though that it can be hard on the elderly as you may bring them over, they may sell their house etc, then in another 10 years they could fail the medical and be refused a visa. The agents on here can advise how many people have been refused at this stage of their life. I do remember one case that was in the media I'm not sure if it got overturned though.

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