Panasonic 42" Plasma TV For Sale

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    Panasonic TH-P42G10A 42" Plasma TV in perfect working order, only selling due to purchased new set (check the reflection on the screen!). Includes stand, can be seen working.




    * Neo Full-HD Plasma Panel - 600Hz Sub Field Drive

    * 2,000,000+:1 Dynamic contrast ratio

    * 3 x HDMI inputs

    * VIErA Image Viewer with SD Card slot for JPEG Photo & AVCHD video playback

    * VIErA-Link

    * Certified High Definition screen resolution

    * Certified built-in High Definition digital TV tuner compliant with Australian standards

    * Certified compliance with HDMI/HDCP digital connection standards

    * Certifed compliance with Dolby audio standards

    * Certified digital TV receiver software update capability

    Short description taken from Techbuy, full description here:


    Not to be confused with inferior 'own brand' models!

    Best offer around $300 secures.


    Please send PM for contact details.


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