New to poms in Adelaide but excited to see all this info

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    Hi guys. I'm just at the very beginning.ive spent sometime in Australia on three different occasions. Never since having a family. Our time has come and I want to get us all out there.

    ive travelled around much of oz but never really spent anytime in Adelaide. So I ask myself why I'm drawn to Adelaide, maybe because I've always heard its a great family place and that's just what I'm after.

    I have friends that have moved to Hallet cove and he's filled me in on weather and general info of Adelaide.

    I'm not even sure which visa will best suit us. I'm a carpenter 12years and my wife works in banking customer service. We have two boys aged7 & 3 and I'm 36 years old. Oh and a dog.

    I have a brother in Melbourne but he went with his Aussie girlfriend after living in uk for several years so didn't do the visa route we are about to start.


    i have two main questions. Why did you guys go for Adelaide?

    What visa is best in the long term?


    well I have lots of questions but thought I'd start with a cheeky couple.


    has anybody else used gomatilda (agent) told to give them.


    Any help or info pushed my way will be truly appreciated.


    kindest regards JAMIE.


    The he balls rolling

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. We originally visited Adelaide because we had friends here and never really saw any reason to settle elsewhere.


    it is an expensive process these days and no doubt fees will rise again in July so if you qualify for a visa now then don't hang around. An agent can be helpful but if you read all the information on http://www.immi.gov.au to start with it really helps to get your head around the requirements.


    which visa were you considering coming out on?

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    We moved here on a permanent residence visa. It took longer but offered us more security..or that's what we thought!


    Adelaide appealed to us as we wanted to get away from a big, busy congested city. Property prices compared to the other capital cities also played a part.

    We were drawn to the scenic beach areas as they looked a lot like the place that we were moving from and my three children had grown up with stunning beaches on their doorstep.


    Have been here for 8 years and have travelled a bit in Oz, and I think that people are friendlier here!

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    We didn't use an agent but Go Matilda get good reviews over on the sister site Poms in Oz.

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