Urgently need a UK Trained Solicitor here in Adelaide

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    Hi everyone


    Got a massive problem that i need help with.

    Selling my house in the UK and the solicitors there need me to get my identity verified by either embassy or by a uk qualified solicitor. Time is very sorry as need to get the documents off by Friday to ensure we complete on time. It had to be this way due to the UKs money laundering laws.

    Does anybody know of anyone here in Adelaide?


    Thanks in advance


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    This may be totally unhelpful but......Why do they need to be a uk certified solicitor?

    We had to get documents certified last week for our uk solicitor (not selling a house but another legal matter) and we just had our documents certified (also to pass the money laundering rules)by the lady at hallett cove library - she's there from 5-6 on Thursday evenings.


    and to be honest she may well have been uk certified - I never asked, you could ring them tomorrow if they definitely need to be x

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    Adding a bit

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    Kerry Miller 08 8232 6666 We used Kerry when buying our new home in January.She is uk qualified. In the city.



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