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    quick question, hubby travelling to Adelaide on Tuesday & just wondering what the best way would be to keep in contact? He has an unlocked HTC one m8 & iPad will these work, obviously with an oz SIM card.



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    Hi Karen, can't see why not. When we were across on reccie, I just picked up a PAYG type card which worked in my unlocked Nokia. Good luck to you all as we will be travelling over permanently in 10 days!!

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    Should be fine :)


    FWIW, I have a great data plan on my phone here in Aus and I installed Viber on it ages ago and then before we left I got my Mum and a few friends to install it on their phones. Means we can text with ease, send pics via text too and it uses off my data plan when out and when at home it uses off our internet bandwidth. In the year and a half we've been here I've not gone over my monthly limit, even with texting images or streaming some racing or some such.


    Skype is also decent, voice or video calls although sometimes depending on internet speed the video can be cranky or cut out. You can also buy skype credit to call back to the UK. Also on weekends and evenings the video chat or free calls can be slower too as lots more using it.


    Keep in mind the time difference and when the clocks change :) Skyping/chatting daily or a few times a week isn't always practical because of the time difference.


    When hubby has been away in the UK working and I've been here we (son and I) have chatted via Skype about once a week and then tend to email or text inbetween. And send lots of pics of stuff going on, that sort of thing. Also FB and other social media are great at keeping in touch. We usually manage to time it around son's bedtime so he can chat to his Dad about his week and then say goodnight. Everyones happy then :) We try to fit in a couple more chats if we can but one of us is usually busy or its a working day for me here so I am not around when hubby is. The things that conspire against us :cute:

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