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A good fishing day.

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    I went out on the boat Monday to perfect weather.


    I did put a shout out elsewhere but all were busy so it was a 70k solo round trip.


    Great seas and blooming good fishing.


    Had a 3 to 4 metre Hammehead shark frolicking around the boat at one bit.


    I only kept four Snapper. Everything being pulled in was nearly this size. I was hoping for a biggie but let's not be greedy


    Tasted lovely after Mrs Tyke worked her magic.


    I love the fishing here!




    Snap n chips.jpg

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    That looks so good. We have decided we want to take up fishing when we move. Never wanted to sit on a cold river bank in the rain in the UK, but the thought of it in South Australia actually appeals. My son is right pleased. Been wanting to fish all his life. Well he can now. Just need someone to teach us all!!!

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