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    Hi All,


    I have been a member for a while now and have been using this forum along with others during the whole visa process. I was finally granted my 489 visa at the start of March and we're looking at making the move to Adelaide in January next year. I've just been looking through some of the other threads regarding shipping, flights, etc and there seems to be a lot of useful information. One thing that I am after though, if anyone can point me in the right direction, is a check list of things to do/prepare running up to the big day? I have seen them previously, but never took a copy and now cannot find it anywhere.


    Thanks for all the valuable information on this forum and hopefully I can contribute in some way to help other prospective migrants!

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    Hi and congratulations!


    Was it this one?


    Emigrating pre-departure checklist


    by Cerberus1


      Published on 14-10-2011 02:15 PM Number of Views: 3359
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      checklist.gifBefore moving to South Australia there’s lots to think about and plan. Use this checklist for moving to South Australia to help you with your planning.
      18 months prior

      Do your research
    • Compile a shortlist of where in South Australia you'd like to live. Talk to friends and relatives already living in the State. Conduct research on the internet, useful websites include:

    - South Australia. Make the move

    - Poms in Adelaide :cute:


    • Learn more about property prices and the cost of living. Develop a budget for when you move.
    • Research job opportunities and business opportunities for you and your family.
    • Attend migration expos to obtain more information and ask questions.
    • Find a migration agent or research your migration visa options if you plan to apply yourself.

    Make sure you’re ready


    • Talk to your doctor about any medical conditions that may need attention.
    • Prepare your current home for sale or rent.

    12 months prior

    Apply for your visas


    • Ensure that you and your family all have valid passports.
    • Complete your visa applications forms – seek assistance from your Migration Agent if required.

    Communicate your plans


    • Inform your children’s schools of your relocation plans. Request copies of all relevant documentation such as school reports.
    • Talk to your family and friends about your plans to relocate.

    Organise your finances


    • Consolidate accounts and reduce debts wherever possible.

    Check the cost of moving


    • Research costs for relocation services and source airfare quotes.
    • Familiarise yourself with Australia’s customs and quarantine requirements for your pets and belongings.

    6 months prior

    Prepare to move out


    • If your permanent residency visa has been granted, put your home on the market for sale and source temporary accommodation should your house sell sooner than anticipated.
    • Check the required notice period for vacating your property if you are renting.
    • Sell or donate unwanted furniture and household goods.
    • Research processes involved with transporting pets i.e. quarantine, vaccinations, costs involved.
    • Consider advising your employer of your relocation plans.

    Get paperwork sorted


    • Undertake medical and police checks if required.
    • Create or update your Last Will and Testament.
    • Obtain copies of medical and dental records for you and your family.
    • Request credit references from your bank and other lenders.

    Plan where you’ll live in South Australia


    • Narrow down your search for places you would like to live in South Australia.

    2 months prior

    Organise temporary living arrangements in South Australia


    • Source and book temporary accommodation in South Australia for when you arrive.
    • Investigate transport options to your temporary accommodation when you arrive.
    • Investigate new schools or childcare providers for your children and register them if possible.
    • Book your pets into quarantine service and boarding kennels if necessary.
    • Begin packing items you do not regularly use.

    Prepare for your job search


    • Update your Curriculum Vitae/Resume including employer references. Start applying for positions via employer and recruitment websites. Follow up by phone if possible.
    • Contact potential employers in South Australia and notify them of your interest and expected arrival time. Arrange a telephone interview if appropriate.

    Get finances, insurance and legal matters sorted


    • Obtain statements from your financial institutions and any pension /superannuation funds.
    • Arrange necessary insurance cover for you and your family. Ensure it is valid until you take out a new policy in Australia.
    • Settle any outstanding legal matters if applicable.

    Get ready to leave


    • Service your vehicle, prepare for sale or storage.
    • Confirm your departure date with removalists.

    1 month prior


    • Sell or store your car.

    Organise bills and records


    • Provide a forwarding address to your bank, migration agent, post office, financial institutions, employer, friends and family, and relevant authorities. Arrange for your mail to be redirected.
    • Compile personal records and paperwork into a secure travel file.
    • Pay all bills, cancel subscriptions and ensure any direct debits will be stopped once you move.
    • If possible, set up a bank account in Australia.

    Organise health and medical


    • Arrange for current prescriptions and a sufficient supply of any medicines.
    • Organise private health and other insurance for when you arrive in Australia.

    Get things ready in South Australia


    • Confirm temporary accommodation booking for when you arrive.

    Register with Skilled Recognition Services and Employment Linkages Services if eligible.These provide workshops and information sessions to assist new migrants in making the transition into employment.


    2 weeks prior


    • Obtain some Australian dollars and/or travellers’ cheques for when you arrive.
    • Finish packing all non-essential items.
    • Back up your computer files.

    1 week prior


    • Organise transport to the airport.
    • Pack essential items and on-board luggage. Include activities for children if applicable.
    • Leave forwarding contact details for the new occupants of your home.

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    Thanks for that. I can't remember exactly which one it was, but this looks good. I have just been reading through as many lists as I can find to make sure I have covered everything. It is a very daunting time, but just as exciting. I've been waiting so long, I just can't wait to move now!

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    Hello and belated welcome to the forum :) I was away last week and missed a heap of new posts made at the time and have been playing catch up ever since.


    Congrats on the visa grant. One thing I'll chip in with list wise is to try to get some travel and temp insurance for your journey to Aus. Only a limited number of companies offer one way travel and medical insurance. But it can be gotten and is always handy for peace of mind for those 72 hours while flying over, in transit and those first days here.


    Also while it will be handy to have some Aus $$ its also good to open up an Aus bank account while still in the UK. Its easily done online, all the main Aus banks offer this. Well worth doing so you can just activate your account in person once you get here, get your debit cards handed to you and be away with a transfer of funds (either before you leave or once you are here).


    Oh, one last thing, if tied into a mobile phone contract see if you can get out of it or end it when you leave. And if your phone is not unlocked at present, get it done before you leave the UK (if you plan to bring your mobile with you that is).


    Good luck with everything :)

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