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Stay clear of these rogue builders!

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    [h=1]It is easy to check if a person is licenced on the Government of SA Consumer and Business Services website...

    Occupational Licences[/h]Search the CBS Licensing Public Register to find a licence holder or to check if a person or company is licensed to undertake work or provide a service to you.


    Licence holders include:



    • builders
    • plumbers
    • electricians
    • gas fitters
    • conveyancers
    • land agents
    • security staff
    • sales representatives
    • second hand motor vehicle dealers
    • travel agents

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    Alas people are still taken in :( . Often its older people, those living alone and without access to internet or simply being too trusting and paying upfront and so on.


    Hope they catch them soon.

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    I agree Snifter. I feel sad for those people who are older and living alone. Sometimes just having someone being friendly sways them. What these con-men do really devastates those trusting people not just because of loss of money but also trust in people generally. It's good that this info comes out. I hope they find them too and put them in gaol.

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