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Mood of the Moment: Share a great music track today:

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    The Angels played a lunchtime gig at my high school Tamara back in the 70's when they weren't very well known!lol


    I was at the Australia day bush fair / fireworks last night and the band played this track!


    My baby granddaughter was dancing away to this local music. The photographer for the messenger newspaper was taking pictures of her!

    Great music and great memories forever!



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    On 23/06/2017 at 11:33 PM, Tamara (Homes Down Under) said:

    Undertones at the Gov early July: Brings back so may memories...listening to John Peel late at night!



    The Undertones were a great concert. Only around 200 people on a Sunday night...just like an old time UK gig!

    One of my group mentioned that the age of the attendees looked like "a bingo crowd rather than a pop concert"! I would certainly go and see them again as the Gov is a great venue.


    Hello Gov Lovers, 

    This news is getting to you a little later than usual because we've been celebrating. Last night, The Gov received the AHA (SA) Award for Excellence for Best Live Music Venue.

    It's an absolute honour and fantastic recognition that we're hitting the mark in giving you all the most amazing experiences we can. It's what Gov Love is all about.

    And we've got some great shows this week that you can come along to enjoy. 

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