Looking for a football team

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    Hey guys


    Been here a couple of weeks and looking to join a football team. Looking to join an 11 a-side team but also interested in playing 5 a-side during the week if anybody is looking for players. Played at a half decent level in England for a long time and would love to carry on playing out here.


    Can play either centre midfield or centre back and enjoy the social side of football as well as the game


    If anyone knows of anything let me know





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    There are a number of clubs listed at the end of this post




    Also I know a club mention on here from time to time about new players welcome to join etc. This is them http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/sports-recreation/43882-interested-playing-soccer.html


    Also a few of our members play soccer iirc. If I can remember their names I'll post back and let you know :) Or they may show up and reply if they are around to see this.

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    Hi Terry,


    Just sent you a message there with some details in it. I live in Enfield mate so if you have any questions etc give me a buzz.

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