Central Market, what's inside

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    Turns out, loads :cute:


    I love Central Market, always stop by there whenever I am in the CBD and on occasion would dearly love if hubby still had a place a couple of blocks away.


    Anyways, was there recently with a friend who was on a stop over here on her way to the US and we went and took a lot of pics of the weird and wonderful fruit, veg and meats on offer. Also a few other pics chucked in. Colourful, vibrant and I always find something to cook for dinner :biggrin:










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    And we were still not done finding the weird and wonderful. My friend, who is a chef was amazed at all the fruit and veg available.












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    How funny! We use the Central Market more as a walk through to get to Bliss - which is an awesomely yummy place to visit, and one I'd thoroughly recommend :wubclub:.


    I've accompanied school visits, gone with friends, had a mooch round, yet never noticed those strange fruits and vegies!


    Thank you, @snifter, for opening my eyes.



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    Love the Central Market.


    It has so much character and the selection is so varied. Used to go through there all the time when we first arrived but too infrequently now for some reason...doesn't make any sense as the fixing of the freeway means the trip is now much quicker.

    I still have my 'granny wheel around' in the shed from when we stocked up with fruit and vegies, and meat, on Friday evening.

    The Adelaide central market is far better than the Queen Victoria market in Melbourne!:smile:

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