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    Hi guys,


    So while we're waiting for carries 3rd ielts test results to come back as most people can probably relate, she missed out on passing on one element by 0.5 yet again, SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! I have realised you can take a few other tests if your struggling with ielts and sit the Cambridge advanced (CAE) test or the PTE academic test and both are accepted by the department of immigration. After abit of digging they are easier to score on than ielts with a much,much better pass rate. They use your overall band score from what I can see which gives you so much more scope to nail it! I'm waiting to hear back for the price of the Cambridge one so I will let you know in due course what it is but on the website says its significantly cheaper than other tests! The PTE test is £155 and you get results in around 5 days! Hopefully this time we get the results we want from ielts but I wanted to share this post as it seems a lot of people are unaware of the alternatives if your struggling to get the scores you need! Hope this helps!


    cheers Joe

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