I am looking for a programming internship, please help me......

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    I am studying a bachelor degree in science with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics.

    I know about Java and C++ programming language and their features,encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

    I also understand data types, data structures and making graphic userinterface and using event listeners.

    Further more, I am able to use recursive functions and have some experience in data mining and learn about some matching algorithms.

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    Breaking forum rules

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    Welcome to the forum. Just to let you know that we have had issues with people signing up with multiple user names to troll the forum, so your first few posts will only show once a moderator had ok'd it. Also, your pm facility will only kick in after you get to a certain post count (maybe 10, I forget).

    Emails and phone numbers are only allowed in certain sections of the forums.


    Good luck with your job hunt and welcome again. :-)

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