R-12 schools

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    hi could anyone tell me where there are schools from R-12, i know theres one in hallet cove but want to try different areas with these kind of schools in.


    you see i want all the kids to go to the same school thoughout their schooling time here and they will be able to stick together and go to school together.


    has any of you got kids in these type of schools how are they getting on


    thanks guys :notworthy:



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    Hi Sue,

    Oakbank area school in the hills( about 45 mins away)

    William Light in Plympton

    The Heights in Modbury.


    Otherwise there are private schools.


    By the time your eldest has left school your youngest will only be in grade 2/3 in primary



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    Guest Libby1971

    Like you, that was one of my considerations.


    My two go to Reynella East which, strictly speaking, is two schools. But they are next door to each other, they share a car park etc, and uniform shop. PLUS they have just applied to receive the extra funding being invested by Dept of Ed for schoolls who convert into R-12. So in answer to your question Reynella East isn't but works as one if you get my drift.



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